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WSADA Board of Directors affirms 2021 Resolution on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Washington State Auto Dealers Association:

Resolution on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

WHEREAS, recent events and our nation’s ongoing and important conversation about representation and diversity, have highlighted the need for organizations and industries – including Washington State Auto Dealers Association (WSADA) – and the Washington State franchised dealership network to dedicate themselves to the goals of supporting and promoting equity and inclusion within their purviews; and

WHEREAS, WSADA collectively represents almost 300 franchised new car and truck dealers and has an obligation to lead by example; and

WHEREAS, WSADA is comprised of Dealer and Associate Members who represent an automotive retail industry comprised of businesses and a workforce that reflect the diverse population and communities they serve; and believes a commitment to fostering and promoting diversity, equity and inclusiveness within its membership and programing is imperative for its continued growth and evolution; and

WHEREAS, WSADA’s ability to support and advocate on behalf of the franchised new car and truck dealership industry as a whole is enriched and improved by having a wide spectrum of experiences and backgrounds in the industry to help inform the Association’s approach to achieving its stated Bylaws Objectives;

NOW THEREFORE IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that WSADA is committed to being a strong supporter of diversity, equity, and inclusion within its own organization wherever possible.

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