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Washington New Car and Truck Dealers Launch Partnership With Chargeway to Simplify the Electric Car Buying and Ownership Experience

SEATTLE (May 10, 2021) — The Washington State Auto Dealers Association (WSADA) and its 294 new car and truck dealer members, who hold over 500 franchises statewide, have launched an education campaign dubbed “EV Revolution” to instruct the public and thought leaders on the role franchised dealers are playing in bringing electric vehicles to more driveways across Washington State.

As part of the campaign, WSADA is pleased to announce a partnership with Chargeway, an automotive and software company that has developed a simplified digital experience for selling and using EVs.

Chargeway uses colors and numbers to create a simple language for the complex array of electric car charging options on the market, providing an improved user experience for electric car drivers that auto dealers, public utilities and most importantly consumers can immediately understand.

The partnership includes a pilot program to place Chargeway kiosks at dealerships across the state so that EV buyers can understand their charging options by make and model and understand how simple charging really is, and an app that dealers can add to their website for a consistent experience.

“The average consumer is familiar with driving and fueling gas powered cars. For most people filling your gas tank is as easy as remembering one word: ‘Regular,’” said Matt Teske, Chargeway founder. “Chargeway has focused on creating an effortless user experience for the one element that makes an electric car different from traditional gas vehicles: the fuel. “

WSADA and Chargeway plan to build collaborative programs with Washington electric car industry stakeholders including local utilities, Forth, and Puget Sound Clean Air Agency to develop strategies that support increased electric car sales and enhance the ownership experience.

“The Association and our dealer members fully supported legislation adopted by the 2021 State Legislature that creates a goal of transitioning the state to all-EV sales by 2030, as well as establishing a plan for EV charging and mapping assistance for the public,” said Vicki Giles Fabré, executive vice president, WSADA.  “History demonstrates that new car and truck dealers are the ambassadors of new technology, so we are excited about advancing the work of the Legislature through our affiliation with Chargeway and others who are vital to implementing an all-EV future.”


Founded in 1920, the Association’s 294 dealer members serve 68 cities and towns across Washington and are responsible for annual sales volume totaling $18.1 billion. Together, they employ almost 23,000 people with a combined payroll of more than $1.4 billion. An average dealership creates 74 local jobs, each paying on average over $59,397 per year plus benefits. Dealership sales generate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue for state and local governments through sales, corporate, and payroll tax revenue.  www.wsada.org

About Chargeway

Chargeway is a unifying communication and software tool for the electric car industry designed to improve the “electric fuel” customer experience. Using colors and numbers to identify plug options and charging speeds, Chargeway creates a simple, visual identity for electric car charging options, offering industry stakeholders such as auto dealers and public utilities, as well as consumers an easier way to understand how electric cars can work for everyone’s transportation needs. For more information on Chargeway please visit www.chargeway.net.

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