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Auburn Volkswagen Donates Jeep to Church 253

University Place church hits the road to help the community

UNIVERSITY PLACE, Wash. — There’s an effort to help people in Pierce County with whatever needs they have.

Our Church 253 in University Place started with what they called their “Jesus Jeep.” Then, Auburn Volkswagen added an Atlas SUV that they nicknamed the “Angelic Atlas.”

They’re using the vehicles to go around and help however they’re needed. In some cases, it means delivering groceries to families or people who aren’t able to get out due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday, they took a delivery out to Anderson Island to help stock-up a family of seven that wasn’t able to get across.

They’ve also filled the vehicles with food and hygiene supplies and delivered the items to motels that house families that are dealing with homelessness.

Sometimes the needs are more emotional. They have used the vehicles to go out to homes of those who are feeling isolated and discouraged. In a socially-distant and safe way, they’ll honk and yell encouraging messages from outside the home to try and brighten the days of those who are socially isolated.

Though it’s their faith that motivates them, this group says their work is for anyone in the community who needs help.

“Any way that we can right now we’re going to anyone and anywhere that we can to say yes to meet a need to bring love to bring hope,” Melanie Grassi-Wood said.

The “Jesus Jeep” has an Instagram page where people can reach out or people can contact the church if they need help.  Church staff members say they want to help all people, regardless of what they believe in.

Written by: Amy Moreno
King5 url: https://www.king5.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/jesus-jeep-pierce-county/281-d2dafa50-33e6-4f85-a8d7-2aa0da5b0920

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