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Women Are the Backbone of the Auto Industry

In honor of Women’s History Month, NADA is honoring the many women in auto retail who work every day to make dealerships a great place for women to develop a career and succeed professionally.

Women like Tristan Topps of Penske Automotive Group. “There’s absolutely nothing we cannot do,” Topps said in this NADA Women Driving Auto Retail video created for Women’s History Month. “We are women. We are strong. We are powerful. We are capable and as the workforce continues to grow and evolve and diversify, we are making our places known here within this industry at every level within the dealership.”

Or, Amanda Riley, marketing director for Riley Toyota, now Rusty Drewing Toyota. “I would venture to say that the backbone of the auto industry really is women when you think about it because it’s about building relationships with people. The success of a dealership and the operations of a dealership couldn’t happen without that,” Riley said.

The Women Driving Auto Retail video contest began in 2018 to celebrate women who work in all areas of car or truck dealerships. Now in its fifth year, NADA has received hundreds of video submissions from women at all career levels and in all dealership departments that have inspired the next generation of women working in dealerships and reinvigorating those currently working in the sector.

Watch the full video to see more women, who have amazing and empowering stories to tell.

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